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Prop 69 requires transportation funds be spent on priorities like fixing local roads, highways, bridges and other transportation projects.

YES on Prop 69

Prop 69 will prohibit the state Legislature from borrowing or diverting these revenues for non-transportation purposes. This will ensure that all revenues from SB 1 can only be used for transportation improvement purposes.

YES on Prop 69 will extend constitutional protections to the revenues generated by SB 1 that aren’t currently protected and ensures these funds can only be used for transportation improvement purposes.

This is what a vote Yes on Prop 69 means for Californians

Will not raise taxes one cent

Proposition 69 protects existing taxes and fees we are already paying. It does not raise taxes.

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Protects transportation funds and benefits every CA community

Passing Proposition 69 protects revenues dedicated to cities, counties and transportation agencies in the state for repairing local roads and improving public transportation.

Promotes jobs and a stronger economy

Ensuring transportation revenues are dedicated to transportation projects will support hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs and will boost our economy by improving the transportation network that gets employees to work and goods and services to the market.

Means strong accountability to protect taxpayers

Proposition 69 ensures our transportation tax dollars can only be used to make road safety improvements, fill potholes, repair local streets, freeways and bridges, and to invest in public transit.

Yes on Prop 69 Requires Transportation Funds Be Spent on Transportation Priorities including:

Safety Improvements

Repairing aging and deteriorating bridges, tunnels, and overpasses, as well as highways, freeways and local streets and roads

Filling Potholes

Paving over cracked and crumbling roads

Relieving Traffic Congestion

Adding new lanes and making repairs to remove bottlenecks that cause congestion

Upgrading Public Transportation

Including expanding investing in light-rail, buses and other transit that reduce congestion and improve air quality


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